Cody Forsberg

Posted on July 4, 2014

Cody has shown a passion for rhythm from a very young age. As a child, he’d bang on anything that would provide him with sound, and this quickly grew into a serious desire for something more. His talent and passion built rapidly, which led him to his first set of drums at the age of ten. By sixteen, Cody’s dad approached him about playing occasional shows with an A circuit band called Looker, who played corporate events and private parties. This was a true learning curve for Cody, which led to full time travelling groups like CC & the High Ryder and The Blazers.

Borrowing from influences such as Gavin Harrison, Bernard Purdy, Carter Beauford, and John Blackwell, Cody has developed his own concrete and unique style. His attention to detail brings an unmistakable sound that provides a firm foundation for any band that’s lucky enough to have him. As a young man with many years left to hone his skills, Cody’s reputation as an unyielding drummer is only growing. Stay tuned!

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